There is no need to tell any one about Zoom when it comes to make video calls. Many of the bigger organizations are turning their mode of meetings to Zoom while others are still using Skype and Hangouts. But, in current scenario Zoom has become the hottest property and it is quite advisable for everyone who uses it to know the Zoom meeting Mac shortcuts. 

Zoom Windows Shortcuts

In last year till December Zoom has gone from 10 to 200 million users database. Now it has become the only priority for everyone to conduct hassle free meetings. Well, there are many reasons that zoom has reached to summit. the functions like virtual background, quick-join function, screen sharing along with screen recording makes it top notch meeting software. This is why we are here with a bunch of zoom meeting Mac shortcuts that you must know.

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Zoom Mac Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Command+J Join Meeting
Command+Control+V Start Meeting
Command+J Schedule Meeting
Command+Control+S Screen Share via Direct Share
Command+Shift+A Mute/unmute audio
Command+Control+M Mute audio for everyone except the host (only available to the host)
Command+Control+U Unmute audio for everyone except host (only available to the host)
Space Push to talk
Command+Shift+V Start/stop video
Command+Shift+N Switch camera
Command+Shift+S Start/stop screen share
Command+Shift+T Pause or resume screen share
Command+Shift+R Start local recording
Command+Shift+C Start cloud recording
Command+Shift+P Pause or resume recording
Command+Shift+W Switch to active speaker view or gallery view, depending on current view
Control+P View previous 25 participants in gallery view
Control+N View next 25 participants in gallery view
Command+U Display/hide Participants panel
Command+Shift+H Show/hide In-Meeting Chat Panel
Command+I Open invite window
Option+Y Raise hand/lower hand
Ctrl+Shift+R Gain remote Control
Ctrl+Shift+G Stop remote Control
Command+Shift+F Enter or exit full screen
Command+Shift+M Switch to minimal window
Ctrl+Option+Command+H Show/hide meeting Controls
Ctrl+Shift+R Gain remote Control
Ctrl+Shift+G Stop remote Control
Ctrl+\ Toggle the “Always Show meeting Controls” options in Settings/Accessibility
Command+W Prompt to End or Leave Meeting
Command+K Jump to chat with someone
Command+T Screenshot
Command+W Close the current window
Command+L Switch to Portrait or Landscape View, depending on current view
Ctrl+T Switch from one tab to the next