What is Kirta?

Kirta is another best option for painting program digitally. It’s an open source and free professional painting application. If you love making illustrations, digital art, banners, concept arts texture and comics then this is the perfect tool for you. Kirta doesn’t have so much shortcuts in itself, so we are here to help you make your art more productive with our list of Kirta Shortcuts for windows. 

How to Access Krita Shortcuts:

You can modify Krita shortcuts by simply clicking on settings  then go to  Configure shortcuts. Well, Kirta don’t have a default list of keyboard shortcuts combinations. Once you go to the settings you can check the following list and use these Krita keyboard shortcuts to generate a stable interface. Believe me, its fun!

Kirta Shortcuts

However, if you love Photoshop the most, then you can also check Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts to enhance your productivity along with your creativity.


Shortcut Function
E Eraser mode
Insert New paint layer
Delete Clear
Backspace Fill w/background color
R Pick layer
Page up Activate next layer
page down Activate previous layer
G Gradient tool
T Move tool
Q Multibrush
P Color pick
Ctrl+E Merge down
Ctrl+R Rect. selection
Ctrl+T Transform tool
Ctrl+U HSV/HSL adjust
Ctrl+I Invert
Ctrl+J Duplicate layer
Ctrl+L Levels
Ctrl+H Display selection
W Wrap around mode
/ Switch to previous preset


Shortcut Function
DReset picker – BW
F Palette
J Elliptical selection
[ Decrease brush size
] Increase brush size
, Previous fav preset
. Next fav preset
/ Switch to previous preset


Shortcut Function
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Z Undo
Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo
Ctrl+O Open
Shift+Ctrl+D Deselect
F4 Save incremental backup
F5 Export
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+X/Shift+Delete Cut
Shift+Ctrl+S Save as
Ctrl+Q Quit
Alt+Ctrl+S Save incremental
Ctrl+W Close
Alt+Ctrl+J/Ctrl+C Copy
F1 help
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy merged
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+N New
Shift+I Color selector
Shift+R Set mirror axis
Shift+H Hide tip toolbar
Shift+B Show dockers
Shift+N Minimal shade selector
Shift+M Mypaint shade selector
Shift+Z Undo polygon selection points
Shift+Ctrl+E Flatten image
Shift+Ctrl+R Total refresh
Shift+Ctrl+F Full screen mode
Shift+Ctrl+U Desaturate
Shift+Ctrl+I Invert selection
Shift+Ctrl+J Cut sel to layer
Ctrl+-/- Zoom out
Ctrl++/= Zoom in
3 Zoom to fit width
2 Zoom to fit
1 Zoom 1:1
0 Zoom 1:1
Ctrl+] Rotate right
Ctrl+' Reset canvas view
Ctrl+[ Rotate left
5 Rotate reset
6 Rotate right
4 Rotate left
Tab Canvas only mode
F11 Toggle full screen
Left arrow Pan left
Right arrow Pan right
Up arrow Pan up
Down arrow Pan down


Shortcut Function
I Decrease opacity
Shift+Backspace Fill w/foreground color
K Darken color
B Brush tool
C Show common color
L Lighten color
O Increase opacity
Ctrl+B Color balance
X Swap fg/bg colors

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