Clip studio is a perfect solution for digital painting and has gained a hell lot of popularity over the past couple of years. The software tends for people to create amazing comics and manga art in cool and stylish way. It is a great kind of digital art and hence it is required for us to know the clip studio paint shortcuts as well as manga studio shortcuts.

Here are some of the best clip studio paint shortcuts for windows that can help you creating amazing creative stuffs online with no time lapse.

Clip Studio Paint


Shortcut Function
+/- Zoom in/Zoom out in Canvas View
Slider Moving it to the left zooms out the canvas view while moving to the right zooms in the canvas view
Ctrl+Z Undo Last Operation
Ctrl+0 Fit to Screen
Ctrl+Spacebar Zoom in (Switch to Zoom)
Alt+Spacebar Zoom out (Switch to Zoom)
Spacebar Move Screen (Switch to Zoom)
Shift+Spacebar Rotate Canvas (Hold Mode) (Mouse)
R Rotate Canvas (Sticky Mode) (Mouse)
Rotate Step Clock wise (Keyboard)
Rotate Step Counter Clock wise (Keyboard)
Delete Clear
B Brush
E Eraser
P Pen/Pencil (toggle between two)
F Flood Fill
G Toggle Gradient/Fill
L Lasso Selection Tool
H Hide Selection Border
Q Quick Mask
Ctrl+Shift+N New Layer
Ctrl+Alt+E Change Layer Type
Ctrl+R Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl+4 Show/Hide Transperency
Spacebar Move Page
Shift+Spacebar Rotate Page
Ctrl+NumPad +/Ctrl+NumPd - Page Zoom in/Page Zoom out
Ctrl+Alt+0 Zoom Page to Actual Size
Ctrl+Shift+0 Zoom Page to Print Size
Ctrl+Z Undo Last Action
Ctrl+Y Redo Last Action
]/[ Increase/Decrease Brush/Line Size
4 Switch to Black Color
5 Switch to White Color
6 Switch to Transparent Color
7 Switch to Tone
Shift+Drag Draw Straight Line/Maintain aspect Ratio fro Shape
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+D DeSelect All
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Ctrl+M Quick Mask
Ctrl+Shift+M Quick Select
Ctrl+F Convert Selection Layer to Selection
Ctrl+Shift+D Convert Selection to Layer
I hope these clip studio paint shortcuts helped you in doing your task. You can Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D.