When Windows appeared, the use of these ALT codes was so widespread that Microsoft decided to continue supporting them in their software.

Windows started using a separate code page CP1252, slightly different from CP437 and CP850, but still only 256 characters.

Currency and Legal Symbols

Shortcut Function
Alt+0163 £
Alt+0162 ¢
Alt+0165 ¥
0024+Alt+X $
Alt+0164 ¤
Alt+0169 ©
Alt+0174 ®
Alt+0167 §

Greek Alphabet

Shortcut Function
Alt+ 913 Α (upper-case Alpha)
Alt+ 914 Β (upper-case Beta)
Alt+ 915 Γ (upper-case Gamma)
Alt+ 916 Δ (upper-case Delta)
Alt+ 917 Ε (upper-case Epsilon)
Alt+ 918 Ζ (upper-case Zeta)
Alt+ 919 Η (upper-case Eta)
Alt+ 920 Θ (upper-case Theta)
Alt+ 921 Ι (upper-case Iota)
Alt+ 922 Κ (upper-case Kappa)
Alt+ 923 Λ (upper-case Lambda)
Alt+ 924 Μ (upper-case Mu)
Alt+ 925 Ν (upper-case Nu)
Alt+ 926 Ξ (upper-case Xi)
Alt+ 927 Ο (upper-case Omicron)
Alt+ 928 Π (upper-case Pi)
Alt+ 929 Ρ (upper-case Rho)
Alt+ 931 Σ (upper-case Sigma)
Alt+ 932 Τ (upper-case Tau)
Alt+ 933 Υ (upper-case Upsilon)
Alt+ 934 Φ (upper-case Phi)
Alt+ 935 Χ (upper-case Chi)
Alt+ 936 Ψ (upper-case Psi)
Alt+ 937 Ω (upper-case Omega)
Alt+ 945 α (lower-case Alpha)
Alt+ 946 β (lower-case Beta)
Alt+ 947 γ (lower-case Gamma)
Alt+ 948 δ (lower-case Delta)
Alt+ 949 ε (lower-case Epsilon)
Alt+ 950 ζ (lower-case Zeta)
Alt+ 951 η (lower-case Eta)
Alt+ 952 θ (lower-case Theta)
Alt+ 953 ι (lower-case Iota)
Alt+ 954 κ (lower-case Kappa)
Alt+ 955 λ (lower-case Lambda)
Alt+ 956 μ (lower-case Mu)
Alt+ 957 ν (lower-case Nu)
Alt+ 958 ξ (lower-case Xi)
Alt+ 959 ο (lower-case Omicron)
Alt+ 960 π (lower-case Pi)
Alt+ 961 ρ (lower-case Rho)
Alt+ 962 ς (lower-case final Sigma)
Alt+ 963 σ (lower-case Sigma)
Alt+ 964 τ (lower-case Tau)
Alt+ 965 υ (lower-case Upsilon)
Alt+ 967 χ (lower-case Chi)
Alt+ 968 φ (lower-case Phi)
Alt+ 968 ψ (lower-case Psi)
Alt+ 969 ω (lower-case Omega)

Mathematical Shortcut

Shortcut Function
Alt+0176 °
Alt+0186 º
Alt+43 +
Alt+0181 µ
Alt+0188 ¼
Alt+0189 ½
Alt+0190 ¾


Shortcut Function
Alt+0171 «
Alt+0187 »
Alt+174 «
Alt+175 »
Alt+126 ~
Alt+0191 ¿


Shortcut Function
Alt+0192 À
Alt+0193 Á
Alt+0194 Â
Alt+0195 Ã
Alt+0229 å
Alt+131 â
Alt+132 ä
Alt+133 à
Alt+134 å
Alt+142 Ä
Alt+143 Å
Alt+160 á
010C+Alt+X Č
010D+Alt+X č
Alt+128 Ç
Alt+135 ç
0114+Alt+X Ĕ
0115+Alt+X ĕ
Alt+0200 È
Alt+130 é
Alt+136 ê
Alt+137 ë
Alt+138 è
Alt+144 É
Alt+202 Ê
Alt+203 Ë
011E+Alt+X Ğ
011F+Alt+X ğ
0122+Alt+X Ģ
0123+Alt+X ģ
Alt+0204 Ì
Alt+0205 Í
Alt+0206 Î
Alt+0207 Ï
Alt+139 ï
Alt+140 î
Alt+141 ì
Alt+161 í
Alt+164 ñ
Alt+165 Ñ
00F8+Alt+X ø
014C+Alt+X Ō
014D+Alt+X ō
Alt+0210 Ò
Alt+0211 Ó
Alt+0216 Ø
Alt+147 ô
Alt+148 ö
Alt+149 ò
Alt+153 Ö
Alt+162 ó
Alt+212 Ô
015C+Alt+X Ŝ
015D+Alt+X ŝ
015E+Alt+X Ş
015F+Alt+X ş
00DA+Alt+X Ú
016B+Alt+X ū
Alt+016A Ū
Alt+0217 Ù
Alt+0219 Û
Alt+129 ü
Alt+150 û
Alt+151 ù
Alt+154 Ü
Alt+163 ú
0159+Alt+X Ÿ
Alt+152 ÿ