When you first started using a computer, you may not have given much thought to Windows Utility keyboard Shortcuts. You probably haven’t realized that there are shortcuts for common tasks and most people do not realize just how many of them there are. One of the primary reasons why people fail to realize their system’s usefulness is because they do not understand that they can use the shortcuts for anything that they want to use the computer for.

Windows Utility Shortcuts

You can start the web browser with a single shortcut, close a running application with another shortcut, or copy a link to the clipboard with yet another shortcut. The list goes on. One thing you might not be aware of is that each of these shortcuts also have a context menu option to use them in combination with the other Windows shortcuts that they open. This makes them easier to use for the typical person who has no idea where to find them.

Windows Utility Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Win+E Start Windows Explorer
Win+R Open the Run window
Win+L Lock Windows
Win+P Choose Projection Mode (Switch between Screen and Projector, extend and duplicate displays)
Win+H Share Screenshot
Win+K Find Bluetooth
Win+I Windows Settings
Win+A Action Center
Win+X Start Windows 10 Context Menu (same as right-clicking start button)
Win+Q Open Cortana, ready for voice input
Win+S Open Cortana, ready for typed input
Win+Space Change the keyboard language (if you have more than one chosen)
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Opens Windows Task Manager
Win+Pause/Break Display System Properties which holds system properties, computer name, device manager and so on
Shortcut Function
Win+G Start Screen Recording Utility via the Xbox Game Bar. Confirm with ‘Yes this is a game’
Win+Alt+R Start and Stop Screen Recording. Recording is saved under This PC\Videos\Captures
Shortcut Function
Print Screen Take Screenshot
Alt+Print Screen Take Screenshot of the current active windows and place it on the Clipboard
Win+Print Screen Take Screenshot of the virtual desktop and save it in This PC\Pictures\Screenshots
Shortcut Function
Arrow Keys Navigate between files and folders
Home/End Jump to first / jump to last item
F2 Change the file name of active item
Shortcut Function
Alt+P Display or hide Preview Pane
Alt+V then D View details. Check View menu for more options
Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel Change size of icons

Personal shortcuts are often a good idea if you have only one application that you use every day. You can quickly access that application by saving the shortcut and then having the shortcut always available when you want to use it. If we are missing any shortcuts, then you can suggest us in the comment section. Also you can upload your own shortcuts via Submit Shortcuts page.